The end of inquiry?

I firmly believe in the importance of inquiry and of challenging your beliefs. However, what would happen if this inquiry led us to a point where we believed we should inquire no more? Does there come a time when we discover the Truth and must then stop questioning and just have faith? Is there ever a time to stop inquiring?

I do not believe that there should ever be an end to inquiry, just as I do not believe there will ever be an end to science. The argument against continual inquiry is that it can introduce a paralyzing doubt. However, this is not valid. Scientists do not need to retest the laws of gravity year after year, and it would be a waste of time to do so. But if new evidence comes to light, we, just as scientists, should always be prepared to evaluate our beliefs.

There are branches of religion that tell us exactly what to think. They say that to question or to doubt is wrong. I disagree with this notion. Perhaps this is my point of faith. You should not doubt your beliefs for no reason. This will indeed stop you progressing. However, being willing to change your beliefs as your understanding grows is a virtue. I don’t think there is ever any value in shutting yourself off to the possibility that your beliefs might be wrong.

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