Don’t touch it!

Although we often ignore problems for far too long, sometimes we can do the opposite. Over-critiquing our lives, selves, and relationships, is a damaging habit. It conditions us to expect problems, make a big deal out of everything, and forget to relax.

Imagine if your spouse were constantly evaluating your relationship. Something like: “Honey, we’re doing well, but you need to smile smore when we talk on the phone.” Wouldn’t this drive you crazy to have your every action under a spotlight? Yet when we constantly analyze and critique every detail of our lives, this is exactly what we are doing.

I do not advocating ignoring problems. However, I do advocate dealing with things in the proper amount of time. When you feel sad, this is not an emergency. Everyone gets sad from time to time. Just sit back and accept it. When you feel happy, don’t immediately analyse it and figure out how to preserve it. Just sit back and enjoy it. If something is genuinely a problem, it will linger for a while, and then you can deal with it. However, most things that disturb us in life are just minor transient feelings. If you get in the habit of analysing every one of these, life becomes very heavy indeed!

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