The inconvenience of truth

In spiritual inquiry, we must search for what is true, not for what is appealing or convenient. I recently asked a woman why she believed in God. Her response was that God had to exist because otherwise life would have no meaning! Such a statement is purely wishful thinking. It is like saying that there must be an after-life because we do not want to die.

In spiritual inquiry, we look for truth. For some of us, that may mean concluding that God does not exist, and that life has no meaning. We must be prepared to accept any possibility, because if we exclude certain possibilities then we are not really seeking the truth.

God may exist, and there may be an after-life, but not merely because we wish it were so. To say “my life would have no meaning without God, hence there must be a God” is not clear-headed reason. The truth is not necessarily what we want it to be, it may be inconvenient, but we must accept it, for to do otherwise would only be delusional.

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