Self-centred spirituality

The quest for enlightenment, or communion with God, is very altruistic. After all, if we succeed in this quest, we are of much more benefit to the world. However, many people still approach this quest from a selfish point of view. They seek their own personal enlightenment, hoping to achieve their own personal happiness. Even if our religion is geared towards altruism, if we follow it for our own personal gain then the only result will be brooding and depression.

We must remove the focus from ourselves and our own egos. Spirituality must be something that we do for others, or for God, or for the universe. We do not do it for ourselves, and we must not be proud or vain about our progress. We are not competing with others. There is no spiritual pot of gold that we can covet at the end. Spiritual progress is about releasing the ego. If we do not understand this, we will get nowhere.

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