“Mind precedes its objects. They are mind-governed and mind-made. To speak or act with a peaceful mind, is to draw happiness after oneself, like an inseparable shadow.” Dhammapada, 1.2.

Imagine the joy of having a mind that is always at peace. How can this be attained? Is there anything that we have to do? The mind’s natural state must surely be peace. When all the anxiety and worry is taken away, peace is what remains. When we feel disturbed, can we simply allow our mind to return to peace? Is this possible? What do we do when the mind is not at peace? Do we have the time to just stop and relax?

In our busy and chaotic lives, we may not feel that we have the time to simply relax. However, I think it is worth putting a high priority on maintaining our peace. If we do this, we may be pleasantly surprised by the number of opportunities that we do have to relax and just be. There may not be time to do everything in life, but there is usually time for the most important.

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