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Feel better right now

The time to feel better is not later, it is now. Perhaps you have fought with your partner. Perhaps you are stuck in an airport. Whatever your reason for misery, you must not wait, you must fix it right now. The reason is this: your misery does not depend on your outer circumstances, it depends on you. By making yourself feel better now, you are acknowledging and teaching yourself this fact. In contrast, if you convince yourself that you cannot feel better until something happens – your partner apologizes, your plane finally takes off – then you are only deepening your delusion.

At the end of the day, if you do not cheer yourself up, you will suffer. If you persuade yourself that circumstances force you to be unhappy, then you will suffer. Only an insane person would choose to suffer. So drop whatever reasons you have for remaining in your misery! Forget your outer circumstances, and raise yourself to happiness!

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